Our Services

With Verstiletech, you have an expert in your corner. Our customer service and support teams give you the information and guidance you need, when you need it. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we can handle your important emails.

Our world-class platform delivers more than 1.8 million emails per month.

Campaign Services

Using the perfect combination of experience and evidence, we use a holistic approach to craft online email campaigns that reflect and expand upon offline goals. Verstailetech provides high end personalized email marketing campaigns, which are the key to the right brand conversations with your customers. From simple promotional emails to highly dynamic, data-driven automations our campaign Services team works with you to ensure your campaigns are executed quickly and delivered error-free.

Campaign Development

Versatiletech provides top quality, highly efficient and technical in developing emails that brands use for marketing, branding and transactional purposes. From a simple flyer email to highly personalised and dynamic emails are churned out flawlessly in a very quick turnaround times. Over the past years, Versatiletech has developed more 1.8 million emails for some of the leading brands across the globe – Intuit, L’Oreal, BMW, Quantas, Harley Davidson, Bank of the West, Macys, Nordstrom, John Lewis, Are Lingus, Sears etc.

Campaign Quality Assurance

Versatiletech along with Oracle Responsys pioneered the idea of campaign QA. Emails are meant to enhance brand recall but if there are mistakes in an email then it’s a lot of negative branding and it used to happen way to often due to time constraints and human errors. Prior to QA, campaign success rate was around 67% and post QA, campaign success rate has always been in the upwards of 99.95%. Versatiletech QA professionals are very thorough and efficient in their due diligence. The QA process involves ensuring email developed are matching the client requirements, compatable across ESPs, Mobiles, tablets etc,  they are tested for spellings, grammar and more importantly personalisation and dynamic fields. In addition they do a lot of backend testing to ensure right filters, suppression, lists and schedule are set up on the back end.

Campaign Front End Development

All the wonderful creative designs from graphic designers need to be fit into an email without losing its beauty and authenticity, our team of front end developers ensure the designs are not compromised when developed into an email. The emails are built in such a way that they are compatible across various ESP browser combinations, mobile, tablets etc.

Campaign Monitoring

A stitch in time saves nine, monitoring team is based on this proverb. There are many reasons why an email can go wrong, accidental scheduling, email server contention, client website being down etc. the monitoring team comes to save, they monitor the launch of campaigns in real time and in case there is anything wrong, they stop the launch and try to fix the issue. They alert the client, project managers and all stake holders to plan the next course of action. This team has been a saviour many times.

Campaign Support

We offer Campaign Support to ensure the timely updates to a running campaign. This mainly includes working on the revisions/changes that is needed on an email. The changes are completed on a priority basis, QAed and launched. This ensures the quality of the email campaigns and the timelines of the campaigns are met.

Quality Assurance

Versatiletech has been providing Quality Assurance services for various websites and emails starting as of 2009. Quality Assurance team ensured that the websites/email which is used/received by the end user is correct with respect to content, links. The team checks the emails for cross browser testing using various tools. It was also involved in application testing.

Product Quality Management

Application Security

Mobile Testing

UI/UX/Usability Testing

Web Solutions

We design the right & interactive website for you that meets your requirements as well as specifications of your target audience. We create user interfaces and modern websites. We will help you build strong online business by creating a professional website which best suits your needs.

Website Design & Development

Web Application Development

Ecommerce Websites

Product Development

We develop products based on your requirements. This includes the the entire process of bringing a new product to market, from conception to identifying market needs, conceptualizing the product, building a product roadmap, marketing to sales to launching a product. We also help you with an existing product that you want to upgrade or relaunch to a new audience.

Design & Development

Application Development