About Versatiletech

Versatiletech is a globally-oriented web and technology services company. Since its inception in February 2009, the company’s focus has been to only develop creatively-inclined, professional-level solutions for its business clients around the world. We develop solutions centered around your business objectives by understanding your pressing needs and create a flexible, working project plan. Creativity and technological expertise is what sets us apart, not only in terms of design but also when it comes to solve business problems.

Enhanced Market Presence. Reduced Costs. Additional Revenue Source. Social Media Buzz. 24×7 Availability. These are some of the benefits your business can experience. All you need is to have a website. At Versatiletech, we focus on understanding your business objectives and develop your online presence that provides an unparalleled user experience to your customers. That not only takes care of your bottomline, but also enhances your brand.

We work through a flexible process which completely integrates with your development efforts. Our Test Lab is like the real world – Equipped with all the key operating systems, versions and browser versions being used globally. Oh, and the testers are real too! We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a web application testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with web app testing script development.

Our Team is Awesome:
One of the most talented and experienced group of testers in the industry who are able to identify even the most elusive defects, bugs and pitfalls.

The Team

Sanjay Sunku – Founder and CEO

He is an avid tech geek and a sensible businessman. A young entrepreneur at heart, he founded Versatiletech at 25 and taking it to greater heights every day! Prior to finding Versatiletech in May 2009, Sanjay worked as an UI developer at Epsilon Interactive and as a Product Developer at Injoos Web Solutions, Bangalore for about two years. He has  Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Engineering.  He specializes in technology and has always been a fan of front end technologies and has expertise in HTML, CSS and Java Script. An avid follower of Open Source technologies such as PHP and Perl, MySQL is his preferred database solution. Sanjay has been instrumental in the growth of the organization being available 24/365 to the clients and the team.

Good Business Practice has been the hallmark of success providing dependable solutions to all the clients, Alongside Versatiletech, he has also in his personal capacity invested in a technology start up called Skreem, which is an influential marketing platform.

Sanjay has secured AVOPA merit awards for his excellent scores in public examinations, He has also received merit prizes and scholarships year on year from BSNL. He has given guest lectures and motivated students at Dayanand Sagar Institute of Technology and Christ University for Engineering and Business students. He has conducted the total student development program at PESIT. He has been invited to adorn the advisory boards of multiple companies.

Rajeshwari Shanthamurthy – Senior Operations Manager

Ms Rajeshwari, started her career with Versatiletech as QA Manager moved to the role as Senior Operations Manager.  Her main strengths are technical knowledge, client focus and analytical skill.

She drives creation of quality initiatives, process change initiatives and other Lean initiatives to enable their functional area and ultimately meet and exceed business plan.

· Responsible for the overall quality and performance and customer experience

· Takes proactive steps to ensure that best practices are shared across all departments, and among the network.

Smitha – Senior Operations Manager

Ms Smitha, started her career as an intern at Versatiletech and moved up the ladder as Senior Operations Manager.

Smith is a quick learner, as Senior Operations managers she plays a leading role in managing both work and personnel. Ensure day to day smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. Assist Human resources tasks include determining needs, hiring employees, overseeing assignment of employees and planning staff development.